/ she long fought her frenzy

but the voice of reason failed



beatrice orlandi mason gross maddy




“Premises for Maddy” draws upon the myth of Medea, its retelling in the ancient classic world and its legacy up to the present. Medea is a young girl who’s learning the arts of magic at the extreme edges of the known world. She is the daughter of the king of Colchis, today’s eastern Georgia. Colchis was, according to an ancient proverbial expression, “the farthest voyage”, colonized by the Greeks becoming their most remote colony, located just where the sun was believed to rise. To the Greeks, who held the cultural supremacy at the time, Medea’s otherness is two-folded: she is both a foreigner from a trivial land and a weird woman who uses her art, language and passions in ways abnormal to their world. When Jason and the Argonauts, a group of young boys who are desperately trying to become heroes, moor their boat on the coasts of Colchis in order to conquer the Golden Fleece, Medea is there. She is a girl facing adulthood, waiting for something to happen, for conflict, for changes, for love. She will, indeed, fall in love with the beautiful, young Greek, and, by her magic and her devotion, she will help him succeed in his mission at the price of losing her home, harming her family and becoming the “crazy one” of the classic world. “Premises for Maddy” focuses on two texts by Ovid, the first part of book VII in the Metamorphosis and the “Letter to Jason” in the Heroides, where the encounter of the two lovers is described, and with it the birth of Medea’s passion, the origin of Medea’s tragic flaw. The body of work around “Maddy” is a world built upon a philosophy at hand-reach, a philosophy created by a confined subject who is trying to make sense of a larger world by grasping around in the dim light of her bedroom as well as on her blinding-bright desktop, working her theories through relatedness, affinity, identification.



"HELPER MAIDEN'S LOVE" , loop, 2017



beatrice orlandi bea mason gross premises for maddy


"OMG!" , 3 min, loop, 2017

beatrice orlandi artist  mason gross premises for maddy


"OMD!" , 3 min, loop, 2017



"MADDY, STILL" , 25 min, loop, 2017



beatrice orlandi bea mason gross premises for maddy




"FEDDY, STILL" , 25 min, loop, 2017



beatrice orlandi mason gross premises for maddy